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Time/Date closedPairActionResultProfit / Loss
10/19/2017, 05:00 gmtNZD/USDSELL+20 SignalParadise.comHit TP
10/19/2017, 18:57 gmtEUR/USDSELL-70 SignalParadise.comHit SL
10/18/2017, 17:03 gmtGBP/USDSELL+30 SignalParadise.comHit TP
10/16/2017, 17:50 gmtUSD/JPYSELL+20 SignalParadise.comHit TP
10/13/2017, 13:20 gmtEUR/USDSELL+10 SignalParadise.comMAN CL
10/05/2017, 20:00 gmtAUD/USDSELL+20 SignalParadise.comMAN CL
10/05/2017, 18:00 gmtUSD/CADBUY+40 SignalParadise.comHit TP
10/05/2017, 13:00 gmtEUR/JPYSELL+10 SignalParadise.comHit TP
10/05/2017, 13:00 gmtGBP/JPYSELL-10 SignalParadise.comMAN CL
10/05/2017, 13:00 gmtEUR/USDSELL+10 SignalParadise.comHit TP


USDJPY buy on dips?

After a long period of consolidation, which has taken the last two weeks with this pair moving in a 100 pip range, the pair is ready to make the next move and following the previous trend before this consolidation, the ...
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GBPUSD is expected to continue down

GBPUSD is weak, since recent data didn't support the currency GBP. This cross or forex pair is expected to continue down. BEARISH. Our short trade for GBPUSD hit the target 1.3150 giving a profit of +30 pips. GBPUSD is weak ...
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USDJPY falling like a rock

USDJPY made a low of 111.70 after some disappointing US data. If the pair manages to break 111.60 it will open an extension lower for the future sessions ...
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GBPUSD no move at all

GBPUSD is stuck at the lower part of the week move. Waiting for further data to confirm either a continuation lower or a move up to retrace some of its losses. USD is strong confirming further continuation of the current ...
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NZUSD breaking key support

NZDUSD is breaking a key support that has been holding this pair from a continuation lower for the first days of the week and part of last week. After braking this important support level, sellers will jump in any move ...
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GBPJPY bearish short term

The GBPJPY now 149.65 . This forex pair has given clear signs that the next move is a continuation down. GBP is weak and a clear way to see it was the BEARISH move GBPUSD had this Monday, thus this ...
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Last Trading day of September

End of the month is the name traders give to the last trading session of the month. Being today Friday and also September 29th 2017, makes this day the Last Trading day of the month. This day is especially important ...
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USD Longs Taking Profits

The USD got some weak news today. Being today the last day of the month of September, some USD long positions are being liquidated to book profits. USD weakness might go further today. But in general, the currency is seen ...
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Signals work as a trade alert for the foreign exchange currency industry. That is when Forex Signals come in very handy. These signals can be obtained from companies that specialize in this service like a Free Forex Signals provider which is the very best Forex signals system in the country.


Our forex signals are among the most popular around the world used by experienced online traders. Each one of our trade ideas takes some time and research before being placed on the website by our forex analysts. Whichever kind of trader you’re, our system will work fabulously for your requirements if followed placing the indicated stop loss and take profits levels.


Free forex signals services aren’t just providing investors with the accurate signals that will make it possible for them to really follow repeated patterns and generate some type of foresight and prediction regarding how the marketplace will turn out in the coming days. Despite how the signals recommend, it’s ultimately up to the person’s discretion. These signals are only trade alerts sent to yo so you could make the most suitable investment decision, not wind up making losses. Free forex signals are an excellent option in regards to trading. Understand some tips you require to understand when you get started trading with live forex signals. When looking at the foreign exchange market, there are many things you will need to consider (one of them being Forex signals) about before you choose to handle a volatile market and in actuality, the industry is quite a densely populated one, with the amount of information which you wouldn’t believe.